Help us fund the port of Search API Drupal 8

Project Owner: Nick Veenhof


Search API in Drupal 8

Project Type



Provide a Drupal 8 version of Search API module + Search API DB as close as possible to the Drupal 8 release date. Send the developer to two sprint weekends in a location that is yet to be defined.


Sunday, 31 August 2014 UTC

Project story


Search API in Drupal 8 had a massive interest during Drupal Dev Days in Szeged, Hungary. Now this week ended (or almost ended at the time of this writing) we are looking to organise at least 2 sprints more to get Search API in a stable state for Drupal 8.

With the news that the Apache Solr module & Search API Solr module will merge, it should be that this sprint is beneficial for everyone that is using search on their website.

So we are asking for your help to make Search API & its backends work in Drupal 8 and also asking to fund the Search API maintainer.


What do we need

We need funding so we can organise the next 2 sprint weekends. This means transportation costs for sprinters that want to join and mainly for drunkenmonkey (the maintainer of Search API). Have a location? We need a location, food, drinks, accomodation! most likely in Belgium as 3 active sprinters such as Mollux, aspilicious and myself are based there, but other locations would also work. The second location is undefined.

Next to a location we naturally also need money, this money will be used to pay drunkenmonkey's expenses as a freelancer. He is willing to go for a very low rate - hell, he'd even go for free - but valuable time is unfortunately not free and we need to make sure we don't burn out this valuable resource. Everything that we raise will be used for the two sprints and the leftover will be used to fund hours of time from Drunkenmonkey to work on Search API. One hour is 30 euro's per hour (which is already very low) so the more we get, the more time we can get for Search API and it's ecosystem.

Perhaps you think the amount is a lot, but if you calculate the costs for two sprints + time to get drunkenmonkey to those sprints, it's not exaggerated and even fairly modest. We're also happy with less but the more we can fund, the better.

A location for the first sprint was already offered but needs to be confirmed. Time wise I suspect the first one will be in the next two months and the second one after that.

If you have other means to fund the project, please contact us and we're happy to learn more about it.