1. Project Guidelines

Drupalfund is a crowdfunding platform for projects related to Drupal – an open-source content management system ( These guidelines explain Drupalfund’s focus. Projects violating these guidelines will not be allowed to launch. Please note that as you go through the site you may find projects that conflict with these rules, but may comply with previous Guidelines versions.
Drupalfund is meant to support projects in 2 main areas:

Coding Projects

  • Migrating Drupal core/module/theme to a different Drupal version
  • Resolving an issue in the existing Drupal core/module/theme
  • Implementation of the feature request
  • Creating a new Drupal core/module/theme
If you are creating a Coding Project you must put a link to your account into your Drupalfund profile. You can apply for funding of the Coding Project only if you have previously contributed to Drupal and you are able link to the code you have contributed on
The deliverable of all Coding Projects must be committed to

Non-Coding Projects

  • Core/module/theme translation
  • Marketing of Drupal
  • Education on Drupal
  • Drupal community development
  • Drupal art
  • Drupal merchandising
The deliverable of Non-Coding Projects can be for example a book, video, website, designs, marketing material, piece of art, merchandising products or partial funding of events for the Drupal community.
As a project owner you must clearly define deliverables. If you plan to apply for funding events, you should present a budget of the event.
Project cannot be open-ended. Starting a business or continuous maintaining of module, for example, does not qualify as a project.

Prohibited uses

Drupalfund projects cannot be used for charity or cause funding. Examples of prohibited use include raising money for the Red Cross, funding a scholarship or "fund my life" projects such as projects to pay tuition or bills, go on vacation, or buy a new camera.
Drupalfund prohibits merchandizing of Drupal through following products:
  • Alcohol
  • Pornographic material
  • Drugs, drug-like substances, drug paraphernalia, tobacco, etc
  • Firearms, weapons, and knives
  • Raffles, lotteries, and sweepstakes
Drupalfund prohibits projects with financial incentives (ownership, share of profits, repayment/loans, etc) or multilevel marketing and pyramid programs.
You are also not allowed to post any project with Offensive material (hate speech, inappropriate content, etc) or projects promoting acts of violence.

2. Community Guidelines was founded to support to Drupal – an open-source content management system ( and its community. Every project is first published to gather feedback from other community members.
Please remember that if you don't like or don’t agree with any project, you have the opportunity to give feedback and you don’t have to fund it.
We ask you to treat other project owners and funders with respect. Don't harass or abuse other members. Spread the word but don't spam. Don't post obscene, hateful, or objectionable content. If you do, we will remove it and consider suspending your account.
Don't post copyrighted content without permission. Only post content that you have the rights to.
Actions that violate these rules or our Terms of Use may lead to an account being suspended or deleted.

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