Our Story

We created Drupalfund because we, like you, love Drupal and our amazing community. Just as its tagline says: "Come for the software, stay for the community" - it is all about people, that make Drupal what it really is. All of the innovators, developers, visionaries, designers that devote their time & resources to keep Drupal being a top of the line content management platform.
But as Drupal, both the software and community grows and mature, we are coming to a point where we must think about a sustainable way to continue growing Drupal to greatness. We noticed that quite a lot of Drupal issues are being on hold due to the lack of developers time and resources., time required to release a new version of Drupal, or porting a module to its new version is increasing.
This is where Drupalfund comes. Drupalfund is a crowdfunding platform for projects related to Drupal (aka Kickstarter for Drupal). It aims to provide an easy way how our community could contribute to the Drupal development. How we all could give back from what we got by using Drupal.
It can be used to support both coding and non-coding projects. Simply submit a project idea, get valuable feedback from the community, raise funds and deliver your project. For more information on how Drupalfund works please read our guidelines.

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