Epson Printer WP-4530 Driver: The Best All in One


Epson WP-4530 is a complete printer to use. It is also called an all-in-one printer that highlights how wonderful it is to be applied in different uses (Credits: MYDOC).

Brand Epson Printer
Brand Epson Printer


Modern features of the printer are available on Epson WP-4530, as:

  • ISO ppm
  • Replace only the color that is needed
  • Automatic document feeder
  • Wireless and Ethernet network 
  • Fastest automatic two-side printer
  • Instant-drying ink

Pros and Cons

Based on the Epson WP-4530 review, there are some pros and cons of this printer to be known. 


  • Save on ink
  • High-speed faxing both black and color
  • PC-fax
  • Save up to 50% of the paper supply
  • Built-in networking 
  • Remarkable durability with up to 20,000 pages duty cycle
  • Extra large
  • Easy to install and ink cartridges available
  • Reload paper less often
  • Energy stars qualified


  • Quite expensive in prize
  • Need more space to put the printer
  • No USB cable in the printer package 

Usage Suggestions

As the all-in-one concept, Epson WP-4530 can be applied in different usages. This printer is nice and powerful to print any kind of document, scan the document, and also send some fax with one or two-sided document easily. Moreover, this printer will be very helpful since it has a 330-sheet paper capacity, so users do not need to worry about losing paper. 

Description: Epson Printer WP-4530 is an interesting printer to be used, especially for those who want to have a complete printer with a powerful performance. 

Download Driver Epson WP-4530

You can download Epson WP-4530 Printer Driver from this url:

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