Melting laptop kicked off Drupalfund's success

Mogdesign has launched a new crowdfunding platform - targeting projects related to Drupal. It took less than 24 hours to successfully fund its first project.

It was the first evening of DrupalCon Prague 2013 - the semiannual Drupal conference. A group of Drupal developers was working in a code sprint, when one of them suddenly started to frantically fan his laptop using his attendee badge. It was Yves Chedemois, a long time Drupal contributor who built and maintained CCK (now Field API) since Drupal 4.7. But now, his old laptop was melting and shutting down permanently.

People around Yves wanted to make sure he'll continue to be awesome. They decided to raise funds to buy him a new laptop. The best way to realize their plan appeared to be using the new crowdfunding platform Dick Olsson, another experienced Drupal contributor, helped Yves create a project on the site and others supported the idea with excited feedback. And then it all started ...

Jozef Toth, co-founder of, the company behind Drupalfund, described how he remembers that moment: “From the minute we helped Yves switch to the funding phase, I had feelings similar to when launching a startup. I knew that we had created something special. Something that will have a deep impact on the Drupal community. We were sitting there and watching people tweeting about Drupalfund, pledging money, and sharing Yves’s project with others. I kept refreshing the project page to see how the pledged amount was rising.” The project got completely funded in less than 24 hours! “This is the spirit of the Drupal community. We know the power of investing in each other,” added Jozef Toth.

A happy Yves Chedemois adds: “Thanks so much to the community for the amazing feedback - the RTs on twitter, the pledges on, the encouragements in the conference corridors and sprinting rooms. That was a crazy ride! Being part of this community rocks so much.”

Listen to Yves telling the story in his own words.

Successful projects

Alongside the first successful project there are several more successfully funded and completed projects on Together they have raised $3670 from 66 funders to date.

Drupalfund: A new way to support Drupal development

Most Drupal development has always been backed by individuals and companies volunteering or donating their time and money to contribute to Drupal. The majority of this development (even core development) is done during developers’ free time, even cutting into time that could be spent on paid work for many.

We came to a conclusion that it is time to ignite a cultural shift in Drupal community. We need to see more people stepping in and supporting those contributing and simply empower them to do what they are best at,” explained David Lukac, co-founder of and community has over one million registered users. If only 1% of community donated 1% of their salaries each month, they would raise more than $5 million US dollars a year. With that kind of money, in a community crowdfunding effort, the possibilities are mindboggling.

“Everyone should have the ability to pay back (or forward) the hard work of those contributing to Drupal. All of us have gotten so much out of Drupal and I feel that it's time to start giving back,” added Jeffrey A. McGuire, advisor to Drupalfund and Manager of Community Affairs at Acquia.

There are many valuable members of the Drupal community who would love to contribute more to the project, but who don't write code or documentation and have trouble figuring out how to help. Drupalfund aims to lower this barrier of entry and provide an easy way for people to make a difference directly.

Read more about sustainability in the Drupal project.

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