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Having full control over your credit score not only has a positive impact on the way you handle your money, but also on your personal life. So, if you want to be at a financially stable state and be happy with your life, you should be aware of your credit worthiness.

Managing and Maintaining Good Credit

A survey conducted by Discover found that many of the people who often check and review their credit scores reported that such a practice has changed their behavior for the better and even improved their scores. According to vice president at Discover Laks Vasudevan, there is a strong connection between checking credit scores and improving credit behavior, stating, “You gain a better understanding of what factors into a score. It’s that understanding and awareness that helps you manage and maintain good credit.”

These days, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the significant role their credit scores play in their financial lives. With a good score, they are easily able to get approved for loans, lease or buy a car and rent or buy a house.

The survey also revealed that millennials, who are 18 to 34 years old, more frequently checked their credit scores compared with their generational counterparts. They are reported to have a more personal connection to their credit, with nearly half of them stating that they associate their self-worth with their credit standing.

Impact on Personal Life

Research by the Federal Reserve Board shows that people who are enjoying the highest credit scores feel better about themselves and are more likely to build long-lasting and committed relationships. The Board said that scores reveal a person’s level of commitment and relationship skills, even stating that well-matched scores would help make for a successful relationship. They found out that about half of those polled said that they would not get married with bad credit.

All these things mean that it is highly important to have awareness of your credit scores. This means that you might want to start this wise practice with trusted sites, such as,,, and

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