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Daftar isi [Tampil]

There are many companies in the United States that have blue chip stocks. These are stocks that are able to pay dividends. As an investor, it is essential that you should see the growth of their cash flow, earnings, and raising dividends year after year.

Although it is necessary to consider a company with the highest yield, stocks yielding 2-3% are also a good sight. This is vital as you would want to grow as well. Hence, it is essential to focus on the total return by investing on companies that are having growth aspect.

Investing in Home Depot

According to an expert, one of the best retailers in the country is Home Depot. The company has reportedly earned a total growth in sales of about 7.5%, which is difficult to match. This has been due to the thriving home building industry in the U.S.

The earnings of the company are said to be increasing from 14% to 15% annually. Thus, they have raised their dividend by 17%. More so, they are going to purchase $5 billion of stock worth for this year.

Try to Invest in Boeing

Another great option to invest in is Boeing, which has earned a yield of 3.2%, standing out in the 10-year treasury environment. Accordingly, the airline industry, its customer, has been doing pretty well. More importantly, they have seen continuous improvement in earnings, cash flow, and they are also buying lots of stock.

The Gilead Sciences

If you noticed Gilead Sciences, it is a biopharmaceutical industry that has been producing profitable medicines for HIV and hepatitis C. Likewise, they are offering drugs for the cure of cancer. Moreover, the stock offered by the company is cheap which the company has traded about 7 times the earnings of the current year.

Take note that not all companies have a steady growth or earnings. Some of them may experience challenges depending on market conditions. Hence, it is important to remain vigilant for any possible risk that may come along the way so that necessary measures can be done ahead of time.

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